I’m so sick of the mentality on certain websites and blogs (not even really Tumblr) that pits famous successful female icons against each other. There’s currently a very interesting article on Jezebel about Nicki Minaj’s new song about Marilyn Monroe and what MM has come to symbolize, but all the commentators can talk about is how they can’t stand MM and how they would rather worship (insert other Classic Hollywood star). 

Yes, blind idol worship is silly- and I can’t stand people who put up posters of Marilyn or James Dean having never seen their films- but a lot of women obviously connect very strongly with Marilyn because she seems to represent a struggle for/against traditional femininity and a very sad brand of self-loathing. She was very, very troubled and for better or for worse, has come to represent a certain mindset that lots of women battle.

Let people have their fucking icons. I love MM and Elizabeth Taylor. I love Frances Farmer. I have a soft spot for Sharon Tate. I see no need to tear one woman down in order to promote my favourite star.