mattbirnbaum a réagi à votre billet : I’ve always read Lolita as being about growing Old World impotence— both cultural and political— in the face of rising American power in post WWII global society. I’ve understood it to be a dark comedy in that sense, and I thought that was what Nabokov was going for too. I mean, as a metaphor, it’s still a very provocative one, a man seducing a child, but I’ve never seen Humbert as anything other than a pan-European aristocrat, and the mother and daughter as pre and post WWII America.

And the way the mother was so enamored with “European sophistication”, while Delores begins to see it as lacking any substance, and Humbert loses his hold on her. (I love this book.)

It’s such a great book, not only for people who love the English language but also for people who love history and culture. Continually frustrated with those who see it as filth and/or a twisted love story (looking at u Lana Del Rey)