Unpopular Opinion

Bringing back Twin Peaks is the worst idea I’ve heard in a very long time. 

It’s been off the air for 20+ years. Many members of the principle cast are either dead (like Jack Nance, Don S. Davis and Frank Silva) or want nothing to do with the series (like Lara Flynn Boyle and Joan Chen). The original sets have been destroyed, the props have been auctioned off and there’s been enough fanfiction written to satiate fans for years to come.

Why would you want to ruin the magic of the series by bringing it back in a modern format? Nothing about the way Twin Peaks was filmed or edited fits in with today’s television aesthetic, and it would just look wrong filmed with modern, digital technology.

I’d be up for a reunion special that brought the actors back together to reminisce about the show and its impact on popular culture, but nothing would made me sadder than to see characters I love “brought back from the dead”, suddenly 20+ years older. There’s been such a great deal of time since the series ended that the actors will not be able to approach their characters in the same way they did in the series’ original run, with the same life perspective. Their characterization would be off.

I love Twin Peaks more than most things. It’s a huge presence in my life, not just as a TV show that I consume but as a spiritual guide that shapes my view of the world. I would just hate to see it turned into a shadow of its former self.